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ECU Motorcycle engine tuning RexXer Australia for all european models has over some years put together a libuary of good quality maps suited to Australian and New Zealand conditions for Most models Ducati – All models Motor Guzzi – Most models BMW – Most models MV Agusta – Most models Aprilia – Most Models Triumhp 
Now having a very good data base of road sport maps available to flash to your Motorcycle that have been intially developed on a dyno then I have modifled for road & Sport conditions over the last 15 years for either standard exhaust systems to complete performance systems and adding our recommended non replacement Sprint Performance Air filter …with these modification one will receive a very rewarding and satisfactory safe ride.
I have maps that suit most models that are mainly built for road use delivering a whole new riding experience giving one a more linier throttle response with noticable power eliminating pop on decel no more snatching or having to feather the clutch on round-a-bouts at low RPM. Improved fuel economy, a smoother ride in traffic and a nice smooth exhaust note
I also recommended a throttle balance check and a throttle body tune to optimise throttle responce on some models.

ECU Motorcycle Engine Tuning RexXer Australia have tuning agents throughout Australia and New Zealand that can professionally perform the tune for you

The price range is from $500 – $660.00
For an in house tune by appointment only…. this can be done at any of our listed agents through out the country 
Click here to see our List of Rexxer agents.

RexXer ECU tuning Australia is designed to give real time fuel and ignition tuning with out the need of a bolt on module 
We also have the Rexxer User product were one can perform there own flash – read and write with a hand held touch screen device which has with some models diagnostics menu which can read and clear DTS codes & reset TPS
On some Early ECU, one can use the trim function to adjust feul by percentage through out the rev range… with this package I will work along side you to perform the procedure, it is a very easy and simple tool to use, comes with OBD – USB  and program for Windows only …

You can contact me for Further Details on 0458490693 or via email  [email protected]

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