Are you looking for Crankshaft Service and Repairs for your Ducati or Motor Guzzi , are you Needing your crankshaft rebuilt?
We can rebuild your crankshaft saving you Dollars.
Ducati do not list Bearing shells for 1098 & 1198 Crankshafts…… We stock quality Bearing Shells supplied from Italy. Now it is possible to rebuild your crank with out having to replace it with a new one.
The process used by us is guaranteed and will give many miles of services.
First we will check that the damaged or worn crank is reparable by an examination , crack test and measurement. The next process is to grind the crank to suit 0.25- 0.50 bearing shells then to have a hardening process called nitride coated. Resize the Conrods to suit. Price range $1100-$1400 depending on the condition

We also offer a crankshaft balancing service, not done to the best of quality from the factory as of the mass of volume but is o.k.. would be better much better balanced . This will give better balance to the spinning mass ,it will be noticeably smoother, give the engine significantly a longer life and will take the stress out of other components. The pistons and conrods are matched to give an equal weight also

Crankshaft lightening and balancing  will cause the spinning mass to make the bike accelerate quicker adding what well call magical ( Torque,) this will not increase maximum power but will spin up faster. The cost to have the lightening and balancing with conrods and pistons $1100.00. We can also supply Pankel Titanium Rod Kits and Pistol pistons at a reasonable cost.
Please call on 0458 490 693 to discuss all your options.
When it comes to Crankshaft Service and Repairs look no further we are here to help!