Ducati 900ss -1000ss Exhaust mufflers


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Ducati 900ss -1000ss Exhaust mufflers  
These mufflers will fit to all models from 1989 through to the 2007 models.Carbon Stainless steel constuction Silmotor mufflers delivering good performance and that unique 2 valve Ducati sound…if you are looking at upgrading or replacing your origanal mufflers these are well constructed and are of the highest quality materials..hand made in Italy
The Ducati 1000ss DS engine come in oval carbon only 
They will fit to the standard header system or we can supply the sports silmotor spegheti version manifold header system ,very easy to fit,comes with all hardware !
Ducati 900ss -1000ss Exhaust mufflers ,the 900ss carburrettor Models we recommend to use a Sprint reusable filter I can supply ,increase the main main size, sychronise the carberrettors and tune the low end idle curcuit noticable increase of power through out the rev range
900ss ie injected models, we modifie the Air box lid fit a reusable performance Sprint Air filter  will give many years of service, update the ECU with our map suited to the Silmotor mufflers, noticable increase of performance through out the rev range 
1000 injected models we modifie the Air box lid,fit a washable performance Sprint filter, reusable ,will give many years of service, update the ECU with one of our maps suited to the Silmotor mufflers ,noticable increase of performance through out the rev range 
Alloy and Titainium mufflers are also available on request,the price will very
Made in Italy
Prices include Gst & international freight  

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Ducati 900-1000ss Sports Mufflers

High mount Carbon Mufflers 1989 -2007, Low origanal mount carbon Mufflers 1989-2007, 1000ss Ds engine oval high mount mufflers only 1999-2004


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